Vladislav Boruta - řezbář

Vladislav Boruta


Sdružení Gauč

My motto "I’m a woodcarver, have a small workshop, that’s all I care about..." comes from a Czech song whose lyrics I changed a little. The words do not apply to me exactly, though. Apart from woodcarving, I’m interested in other things too. Moreover, I have a lovely wife, children and all that life brings.

However, I’m still looking for something. In my woodcarving works I have no ambition to communicate something revolutionary or bring a substantial message. I’m merely interested in the shape. It is the shape that does not leave me in peace. The quest for a perfect shape.

Every single day I’m fascinated by the curves of human faces and bodies, by ordinary objects, by anything that surrounds me. I can look up to a young woman’s face and wonder: What harmony of curves makes her look so beautiful? What determines the delicacy of her face? Is it the curve of the lips, eyebrows or the nose? I can be equally fascinated by an old man’s ear so fitting to his age.

And so, with a little bit of imagination I’m taking the road from the existing to the created over and over again.